Adult Sunday School

For many years the Adult Sunday School classes have been a primary and vital part of the life and happenings of our church family. The various classes - some oriented to "age & stage", others designed for multiple generations of singles and married - are an excellent way to get connected to other people for friendship, fellowship, and growth together in the Christian life.

Joint Heirs

  • 8 AM • Pritchard Hall

This class is for those who desire to successfully meet the challenges of Christians in today's world. Come experience a sense of belonging and encouragement through participation in Bible study, prayer, sharing, socials and small groups.


  • 9:15 AM • Room 154

There are ten small groups composed of Crossroads people serving the varied needs of men, women, and couples. Biblical teaching is the focus at our Sunday meetings with a view toward encouraging service and leadership within the body of Christ as well as in our communities. Click here for their FaceBook page.


  • 9:30 AM • Room 160

Designed to strengthen and encourage marriages. This group is made up of younger couples and couples with young children.

College Class 

  • 10 AM • Hospitality House

The College ministry at SMCC seeks to engage in the ministry that God is already doing in order to walk alongside students, connect them to the greater body of believers, and empower them to live as God created them with a kingdom trajectory. 


  • 11 AM • Room 160B

Harvesters blend expository and topical Bible study throughout the year in a manner that meets real needs. Join Harvesters as they study, enjoy a variety of activities together, fellowship and pray. They welcome all ages, singles, married and divorced.


  • 11 AM • Room 154

Led by astronomer-pastor Dr. Hugh Ross, Paradoxes class approaches apologetics (the study of answering objections to the Bible or Christianity) with the tools of science, Biblical theology, and well-reasoned thinking. Recent topics include how to answer evolutionists; how the Bible and science complement each other; how recent scientific discoveries reveal the existence and nature of God; how to answer current questions posed by media about science and faith; how the "Big Bang" relates to the Bible; how to approach the "young earth vs. old earth" debate. 

For more information on the Adult Sunday School classes, contact Bob Ver Burg at [email protected].