Women's Ministry

Women's Ministries is a place where women can grow in their knowledge and love of God and their understanding of His ways, and where they can experience and participate in the love and fellowship of the Body of Christ. To that end, we offer various opportunities in which we hope you'll find these things.


Donation Drop Off: Generally, the rummage shed is open seven days a week from 8 AM to 5 PM to receive your donations. The shed is located in the driveway of Hermosa House, just south of the main church building. Please go into the shed and place your items as far towards the back as possible. If the shed is locked, a key is available at the church office.

Donation Guidelines: 

• Clothing and linens - Please do not donate items that are torn, pilled, threadbare, dirty, or stained (not even one stain).

• Electronics and electrical appliances - We don't accept computer hardware (e.g. monitors, CPUs, keyboards) or broken items.

• Toys, games, puzzles - We don't sell broken or incomplete items. Please wash or clean all items prior to donation.

Please call Gail Gaffrey at 626.356.8000 if you'd like to help with the sale or email her at [email protected].