Equipping homeless families

Door of Hope is a temporary housing program that serves two-parent families, single fathers, single mothers, as well as victims of domestic violence. Since 1985, Door of Hope has helped hundreds of families with children from the Greater Los Angeles Area and beyond fight their way out of homelessness and move into permanent housing.

In Los Angeles alone, over 7000 members of families are homeless and over 4000 of those are children. With the help of the community, Door of Hope has been fighting to end the devastating cycle of homelessness in these precious lives. There are many ways you can partner with us and make a difference.

Elizabeth House is committed to ending the cycle of homelessness and abuse in women and children through comprehensive case management, counseling, educational classes, prenatal care, and resources throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Between giving time, volunteering your unique skills, or providing financial support, there are hundreds of ways you can be involved in changing the lives of women and children.