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Joint Heirs

When:  Sunday mornings  |  7:45 - 9:00 am

Where:  Pritchard Hall  |  SMCC

This is a gathering for you early risers!  With a strong emphasis on fundamental Bible study, our class enjoys the privilege of having several gifted members who rotate their turn to teach. You are invited to come experience a sense of belonging and encouragement through participation in Bible study, prayer, sharing, socials, small groups... and always - a great cup of coffee!



When:  Sunday mornings  |  9:00 - 10:15pm

Where:  Room 160 A  |  SMCC

Be prepared for a lively discussion as we dive into the Truth of God's Word!  You will have plenty of opportunities to share an insight or ask lots of questions.  Our class is full of life and laughter and is an easy place to make great friends


When:  Sunday mornings  |  10:45 am -  12:15 pm

Where:  Room 154  |  SMCC

Led by astronomer-pastor Dr. Hugh Ross, Paradoxes class approaches apologetics (the study of answering objections to the Bible or Christianity) with the tools of science, Biblical theology, and well-reasoned thinking. Recent topics include how to answer evolutionists; how the Bible and science complement each other; how recent scientific discoveries reveal the existence and nature of God; how to answer current questions posed by media about science and faith; how the "Big Bang" relates to the Bible; how to approach the "young earth vs. old earth" debate.

 Dr. Hugh Ross

Dr. Hugh Ross