Harold and Gwen Britton

Harold and Gwen Britton both have full-time leadership roles at World Venture, a Christian mission that exists “to see people of all nations transformed by Jesus Christ in partnership with His Church.” Harold is the Director of Church Relationships, equipping hundreds of churches to engage Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in 70 countries around the world. He also facilitates partnerships between churches and international workers to take the gospel to the hardest places in the world. Harold just completed a Master’s Degree in International Development, writing a thesis on reaching a UPG in China. Gwen is the Supervisor of Appointee Relationships for 80 workers preparing for cross-cultural service. She is a natural coach, mentor, and mom to many young families preparing to reach the ends of the earth. 

Dean and Kathie Carlson

Dean serves as the president of One Challenge (OC) in Colorado Springs, and Kathie facilitates women ministries and cares for OC workers and families around the world. Prior to this they served with OC in Southern Africa for 20 years.  Dean developed strategic partnerships multiplying transformational leaders and churches among least-reached communities across the continent. Kathie trained children’s ministry workers and equipped women in several countries.

Dean was appointed president of OC in 2015 and is deeply committed to build bridges to accelerate the Great Commission. He is a global advocate for the Movement for African National Initiatives.

Their children came to love the Lord while growing up in Africa and are currently involved in various ministries.  The whole family is passionately devoted to see the global body of Christ work together to bring God’s hope to every person, every community and every nation. 

Bob and Lynn Culver

Bob and Lynn direct the ministry of InterFACE (iFace) Ministries. From the head office in Atlanta, Georgia. iFace networks international students and scholars with culturally sensitive Americans who enjoy cross-cultural friendships and the open exchange of ideas. They encourage mutual dialogue with a view to reaching international students and scholars with the saving love of Christ. Their ministry is now active in 13 U.S. states and the Philippines.

Doug and Emily Eli

Doug and Emily serve with Frontier Ventures (formerly called U.S. Center for World Mission) in Pasadena, CA and have been attending SMCC since 2011. Frontier Ventures exists to catalyze breakthroughs among the unreached—the 7,000+ people groups who live without access to the life-giving message of Jesus. Frontier Ventures provides insights and strategy to agency leaders around the world, as well as resources to mobilize the church here in the US and abroad. Some of the programs are Global Prayer Digest, Mission Frontiers, Nomadic Peoples Network, and the highly regarded Perspectives course. Doug serves as the Director of Technology. He supervises a small team that provides everything from websites to computer help-desk support to keeping the core IT infrastructure running smoothly and securely. Emily serves as the new member on-boarding coach and supervisor. Making the transition to a support based position is very challenging and intimidating for many. Emily guides new staff along the support raising process with accountability and encouragement that helps them achieve their goal and begin serving with Frontier Ventures as quickly as possible and fully funded. 

Bruce and Linda Koch

Bruce and Linda Koch have served with Frontier Ventures (formerly know as the U.S. Center for World Mission) since 1988. Bruce currently serves as the director of the Perspectives Global Service Office. The goal of the PGSO is to educate and motivate the global church to work with Christ to the end that he is known, worshipped and obeyed within every people group. Classes are now being taught in eight languages and 32 countries. Research has shown that Perspectives on the World Christian Movement significantly increases knowledge, giving, sending, prayer and active engagement in God’s global purpose. In the USA, some agencies report that as many as 60% of their candidates name Perspectives as the primary factor that motivated them to become missionaries. In other countries, the formation of new indigenous mission agencies by Perspectives alumni is often reported. In addition to being the primary caregiver for our son Curtis, Linda also serves in many supporting roles in our organization including: prayer leadership, member care, hospitality support for events, and admin support.

Heather Murray

Heather Murray serves with International Friendships, Inc. working with international students and their families on college campuses. Her ministry involves helping with Bible studies, English classes, tutoring, and planning student events and activities. At Portland State University she works with FOCUS, a faith-based coalition of Portland community members, area churches, and campus ministries. Their purpose is to serve international students, scholars, and professionals from all religions, worldviews and nations, and extend unconditional friendship in the spirit of Jesus. She also works with Pamoja House, a non-profit English language school, where she serves international women and their children. One of the most rewarding things she does is visit with Muslim women in their homes where they often talk about God and His kingdom. 

Wes and Jackie Ringer

Wes and Jackie Ringer serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators and the SIL in South Sudan. Wes serves as a translation consultant working with translators from seven languages in checking their Scripture and is also the translation coordinator overseeing nine full time translation projects and six-part time projects that are translating Genesis. He also supervises other translation consultants and translation assistants. There are two more Old Testament projects that are in process to become full time projects. Currently he is helping two teams finish their New Testaments.

Jackie has served as the literacy coordinator, but is currently serving as the Director for the SIL South Sudan Group. She works with funders on project proposals and in a variety of other roles to help keep the South Sudan Group functioning well. Currently we are finishing five New Testaments. The Baka people dedicated their New Testament in March 2017, and the Didinga, Keliko, Tennet and Gbaya people will each receive their published New Testaments plus Genesis, half of Exodus, Ruth and Jonah over the next year to year and a half.

2017-03 3 Jackie & Wes at Baka NT Dedication.JPG

Hugh and Kathy Ross


Reasons to Believe emerged from Hugh’s passion to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research—including the very latest discoveries—consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature. Hugh and the Reasons to Believe spokespersons do not attack ideas but rather aim to present research and start a conversation—because people deserve respect and a safe forum for discussing their views. Reason to Believe also equips Christians to engage, rather than withdraw from or attack, educated non-Christians. Hugh’s ministry goal is to "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience." 1 Peter 3:15–16.

Bob and Linda Stevenson

Bob and Linda joined World Impact, an urban Christian mission organization, in 1997.  The focus of World Impact was founded to Evangelize, Equip and Empower those in the inner cities of America.  Through the years, the focus has moved toward the equipping and empowering (releasing) indigenous leaders for the ministry of the Church.  One of the resourcing arms of World Impact is The Urban Ministry Institute, www.tumi.org.  TUMI provides affordable, contextualized and accessible seminary level training for leaders who would not otherwise be able to access theological leadership development.  Bob has been under TUMI since December 2014 as the Associate Satellite Director, facilitating the setup of new TUMI sites throughout the world.  Since 2014, there have been 80 additional sites added globally in 18 countries.  Linda continues to assist Bob in a number of administrative ways, including traveling to visit some of the TUMI sites.

Steve and Jenni Wiebe

In 1994, Steve and Jenni Wiebe moved their family into an at-risk community in Pasadena, and began NUFC. Today NUFC operates CAN-DO Kids Club, an after school program that has served hundreds of elementary children with high quality after school enrichment and academic programs.  Our distinctives are a low staff-student ratio, a focus on literacy development, enrichment classes, and the Christian faith.  We are serving over 150 children each day at our five sites with homework help, literacy development, enrichment classes, and Bible Club and prayer.  Our students are showing academic improvement and are finding a "home" each day at our afterschool program.  We have recently opened our fifth site in January here in Pasadena at Altadena Baptist Church, serving Altadena Elementary School.  We are always in need of volunteers each day to help our at-risk students with their homework and reading.  Please pray for our staff to be able to serve our students and families with energy, creativity, and love.  Also, please keep our students and families in your prayers as they struggle with poverty, family issues, and educational hurdles.  For more information, please visit our Facebook page. Thank you so much, SMCC, for your support through the years!

Eric and Anne Zander

Eric and Anne are born and raised, French speaking Belgians. Belgium is one of the least evangelized countries in the world, and Eric and Anne have been doing church-planting for the last 25 years with the Belgian Evangelical Mission. They have spent the past 8 years in exploring new relevant ways to plant Christian Communities in a post-Christian Europe, among different social networks. They have developed 2 local fellowships, as well as one in a retirement home and one with bikers (motorcycle). Anne also leads a children evangelism ministry, developing curriculum and material for outdoor activities that is being used all over French speaking Europe. With the experience and reflection on a renewed effective approach to church-planting, Eric travels around Europe teaching in Bible Colleges and seminaries, as well as coaching new projects and church-planters. He is also regularly teaching in US churches and assisting international missions. Eric and Anne have 3 children: Samuel (26), recently married; Déborah (24) engaged and missionary for children evangelism; and Axelle (19), a college student.


Sierra Madre Congregational Church in collaboration with several other churches in the San Gabriel Valley, partners with the Assemblies of God Church in north western Zimbabwe as they seek to meet the spiritual and physical needs of their own people and extend the blessing of knowing Jesus to their unreached neighbors in the Zambezi valley and beyond. 

Our partnership, under the leadership of Pastor Simon Mukolo in Hwange, aims to encourage and challenge our churches in their common missional purpose.  Specifically, we aim to support and encourage indigenous church leadership development with resources and training. This includes Increasing the capacity of pastors, evangelists, and missionaries to unreached areas with transportation assistance, locally produced teaching materials, training and encouragement.  

The partnership also aims to provide tangible blessing for Zimbabwe communities by raising funds for goat distribution to widows in need, and for other self-sustaining agricultural and economic projects as envisioned locally.  

Restricted Access


SMCC also supports a number of outreach partners who are not listed here because they work in countries where church activities are greatly restricted. In such areas, the work and lives of Christian workers could be at risk if we share details. Even mission boards that are working in such countries do not talk about nor publish lists of countries they consider to be restricted access areas. So we also need to use great discretion as it could put the ministry of these outreach partners at risk. At the same time, we do not want them and their work to go unmentioned. Please remember to pray for the outreach partners, national Christians, and Gospel movements in these areas of the world.

https://joshuaproject.net/maps/google  Click her for an interactive look at the different people groups in the world.

https://joshuaproject.net/maps/interactive  Click here for an overview of the progress of the Gospel in every country of the world.