Our Mission:

Loving God. Loving people. Making disciples.

Our Vision:

In response to God and for the sake of all people in the surrounding communities and the world, we aspire to be a Christ-centered fellowship, boldly engaging, sacrificially loving, and humbly serving a diverse community.

Our Values:


We commit to sharing all aspects of life together as a family that practices loving each other and equipping one another for ministry and outreach.


Connecting and interacting with one another, with those who do not yet know or follow Christ, and with the culture around us.


Generationally diverse - growing believers from every age group

Ethnically diverse – reflecting the ethnic diversity of the San Gabriel Valley in which God has placed us

Demographically diverse – a fellowship gathered from the surrounding communities


Having a sacrificial, others-centered view and practice of loving others in the San Gabriel Valley

We are committed to:

A transformation process, allowing God to make each of us over into the image of Christ.

An integrated life, where we allow our belief in the Bible as the word of God to shape our choices and our life patterns.

A grace-filled life together, where brokenness and humility are tangible, acceptable, and honored qualities.

A lifestyle of peacemaking, addressing conflict biblically, respectfully, and humbly.

A pursuit of loving relationships with one another, reflecting generational, ethnic, and demographic diversity.

A determined effort to communicate the Christian faith clearly and influence culture toward Christlike and Biblical values.

A priority of sacrificial living, pouring out our time and wealth for the good of the San Gabriel Valley and the world beyond.